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Savings Opportunities

Save 30% on your cloud bills using to find and fix cloud waste

And that's only the beginning. 

Get a demo to see how you can trim 30% off your bill. helps organizations of all sizes govern their cloud environments with one solution. Streamline cloud access, get cost visibility and control, and ensure compliance.

Identify savings opportunities

Pay only for what you need when you find and fix cloud resource waste.

Our new feature scans your cloud environment regularly for over-provisioned or abandoned resources. You get money-saving recommendations based on resource utilization over time.

Two Ways to Save


Adjust a resource's size to better fit your utilization patterns.


Temporarily stop or permanently terminate a resource that’s abandoned or not being used. scans for resources that other tools miss. Plus, you get visibility across all your accounts and all your cloud service providers — all in one place.

Your Total Savings

We’ve seen an average savings of 30% on customers' entire cloud bill by acting on savings opportunities.

But this is only part of the picture.

Time is money. Your real cloud savings come from automating all of your cloud activities for maximum efficiency. offers total cloud governance automation, and you get savings by:

  • Preventing blown budgets before they happen.
  • Saving time with our self-service account provisioning.
  • Avoiding costly fines for compliance violations.

Our unique one-stop solution helps you reclaim countless hours spent on repetitive tasks — in addition to reclaiming your wasted cloud spend — for maximum savings.

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